Klasse products for class penthouse apartments.

Southbank Place, among others, is helping transform the South Bank into a prime residential area.

Belvedere Gardens, a residence within Southbank Place, has been designed to celebrate the area’s heritage and culture. The residence is uniquely designed, allowing for it to become a landmark in its own right.

The visually striking exterior is complemented by incomparable views from within, topped up with sophisticated and luxurious interiors.

KlasseFOIL™ S20 Aluminium Foil Tape is a soft aluminium foil with aggressive flame-retardant solvent acrylic adhesive and protected by an easy release liner. Its reputable features include:

  • Excellent Peel adhesion

  • Good initial tack & permanent bonding

  • UL 723 fire rating approved

  • Outstanding temperature & ageing resistance​

"Southbank Place offers an exceptional lifestyle in a location which, ten years ago, most would not have considered as a destination to live, work and play. London’s South Bank is a thriving community and Southbank Place sits at its heart."

- Richard Oakes, Sales & Marketing Director, Europe, Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company

Klasse, with its culture of innovation, has resulted in strong growth year on year and is now regarded as a leading innovator in the Glazing and HVAC markets across Europe.

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