Bath Street, Glasgow

Bath Street, Glasgow

About the project

A brand new accommodation block is being built in the heart of Glasgow. When completed in 2025, it will house 551 bedrooms for students.

Contractor: Graham Group
Sub-contractor: CCL Interiors
Architect: Cooper Cromar

Practical Considerations

The contractors needed a sheathing board solution that had an A1 rating and a straightforward installation process. Klasse G-board perfectly matched their requirements.

Renowned for its exceptional lightweight properties and having undergone rigorous testing, G-board seamlessly satisfied all their prerequisites. It offered a hassle-free solution for their project, meeting their expectations with precision.

Why Klasse?

G-board is designed for easy scoring and snapping, removing the necessity for power tools. It is easy to install and handle around the site and it boasts resilience against both weather and installation damage, alongside a standard 12-month exposure guarantee.

Furthermore, Klasse ensures punctual delivery and provides ongoing assistance throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for the contractors. Our dedication to client satisfaction guarantees excellence at every stage of the project, from procurement to installation. With Klasse's support, contractors can confidently depend on a reliable partner for their sheathing board project requirements.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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