Industry-Leading Boards for Steel Frame Projects

External sheathing boards for steel frame projects. Each one is A1 class, fully non-combustible and are highly resistant and durable to any weather conditions.

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Why Klasse for Steel Frame Systems?

Klasse has 3 solutions for the steel frame construction industry, each with unique benefits and features. Klasse understands the importance of choosing the right product for your project, which is why our specialist team is always ready to help guide you to select the ideal board for your project.

All of our external sheathing boards have undergone rigorous testing in the fields of fire protection, acoustics, racking strength and durability.

Designed with ease of use in mind, all of our boards are easy to install into a steel frame system.


Every external sheathing board in our range has been extensively tested in a through wall system to achieve at least 90 mins fire protection.

Durable and Robust

Klasse External Sheathing Boards are all made to be durable and tough in every step of the construction process. Each board can mitigate weather and installation damage, and are suitable for use in extreme climates too.

External Sheathing Solutions

  • Klasse G-board (Outwear)  

    Klasse G-board (Outwear)

    Our gypsum board solution. Durable, safe and easy to install. 30% lighter than traditional cement boards, easily cut and flexible.

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  • Klasse C-board  

    Klasse C-board

    Our cement board, with an impact strength of over 2100 J/m2. Can be used in façade solutions as well as floor and roof projects.

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  • Klasse S-board  

    Klasse S-board

    Our calcium silicate board solution. The ultimate Passive Fire Protection board with over 240 minutes fire resistance.

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