How many sheets of each type of klasse board are on a pallet?

Please be aware when ordering a different thickness e.g. 6mm or 18mm boards that the no. of boards per pallet will be affected.

Your sales contact will be able to confirm the number of boards per pallet when preparing your quotation.

S-board (1200mm x 2400mm)

6mm - 96 Sheets Per Pallet

8mm - 72 Sheets Per Pallet

9mm - 63 Sheets Per Pallet

10mm - 55 Sheets Per Pallet

12mm - 48 Sheets Per Pallet

16mm - 35 Sheets Per Pallet

C-board (1200mm x 2400mm)

6mm - 81 Sheets Per Pallet

9mm - 54 Sheets Per Pallet

12mm - 40 Sheets Per Pallet

15mm - 39 Sheets Per Pallet

18mm - 27 Sheets Per Pallet

G-board (1200mm x 2400mm)

12.5mm - 52 Sheets Per Pallet

All sizes are subject to minimum order quantities.

How do you work out how many sheets of klasse board you need for your project?

The standard size for external sheathing boards is 1200mm x 2400mm. This equates to 2.88 SQM so you can work out how many boards you need for your project by dividing the SQM of your project by 2.88. We recommend adding at least 10% to cover cuts, breakages and wastage.

Can you tape and joint the square edges of klasse boards?

If you are using Klasse sheathing boards for internal applications then the board edges can be tape and jointed similar to using a standard gypsum plasterboard.

Usually Klasse sheathing boards are used in external systems and to increase fire resistance we recommend sealing all joints with Klasse FIREFEND FR Silicone Sealant.

Can you dot and dab klasse boards?

Put simply, for indoor applications - yes.

what are the uk fire ratings for klasse boards?

All Klasse external sheathing boards are Euroclass A1 Fire rated meaning they are fully non-combustible materials.

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