Our Team

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  • Glenn Haughton  

    Glenn Haughton

    Managing Director

  • Gavin Haughton  

    Gavin Haughton

    Sales Director

  • Levi Large  

    Levi Large

    Business Development

  • Jago Dible  

    Jago Dible

    Business Development

  • Chater Dunn

    Chater Dunn

    Business Development

  • Daniel Norton

    Daniel Norton

    Business Development

  • Simon Thomas

    Simon Thomas

    Technical Advisor

  • Francis Jennings

    Francis Jennings

    Technical Advisor

  • Anna Włodarczyk

    Anna Włodarczyk

    Key Account Manager

  • Nick Evans

    Nick Evans

    Purchasing Manager

  • Joel Brown

    Joel Brown

    Supply Chain Manager

  • Reuben Brown

    Reuben Brown

    Marketing Manager

  • Daniel Horgan

    Daniel Horgan

    Marketing Executive

  • Terri Beaumont

    Terri Beaumont

    Company Secretary

  • Simon Fox

    Simon Fox


  • Mina Farquharson

    Mina Farquharson

    Sales Support

  • Alex Cafe

    Alex Cafe

    Operations & Quality Manager