Klasse C-board is high strength external render carrier board recommended by leading render manufacturers.

C-board is a high performance Fibre Cement Board for applications that are looking for a robust A1 Non Combustible product. Rated as a Category A board to BS EN 12467 where the board may be subjected to heat, high moisture and severe frost. 

This is the ultimate board with a high flexural strength, impact strength, durability, and high racking resistance, which lends itself for use as an external render carrier. The fibre cement composition of C-board is considered suitable for use with external wall insulation systems, cement based render and for flexible thin coat renders.


Render Ready

An approved render carrier board for leading render manufacturers such as K-Rend & STO.

High Density - High impact resistance

An excellent choice for modular and offsite builds, this high density, high impact resistant board can also be used in all types of façade solutions as well as many floor and roof constructions.


Every external sheathing board in our range has been extensively tested in a through wall system to achieve at least 90 mins fire protection.


Klasse External Sheathing Boards are all made to be durable and tough in every step of the construction process. Each board can mitigate weather and installation damage, and are suitable for use in extreme climates too.

External Sheathing Boards

  • Klasse C-board  

    Klasse C-board

    Our cement board, with an impact strength of over 2100 J/m2. Can be used in façade solutions as well as floor and roof projects.

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