The Fabric Works, Leeds

The Fabric Works, Leeds

About the project

A brand new 11 storey student living block is being built on Leylands Road in Leeds. Known as 'The Fabric Works', the building will house 402 studio apartments upon completion.

Contractor: Clegg Construction
Sub-Contractor: WD Drywall
SFS: Ash & Lacy

Practical Considerations

An A1 rated external sheathing board was a must for this project to help contribute to the fire safety. The contractors also needed a board that was easy to use and install. Klasse G-board matched these requirements perfectly.

G-board is thoroughly tested to ensure it provides the level of safety required for all projects it is used for.

Why Klasse?

Developed and designed with ease of use and safety in mind, G-board is so simple to install. It is easily scored and snapped with just a knife, so no noisy power tools are needed. It's lightweight too, making it easy to move around the building site and into position.

Klasse offer a world class customer support package with every customer. From the initial enquiries, right through to delivery and installation, we are there every step of the way to offer unparalleled support. We ship everything as quick as possible too, ensuring there are no delays to the construction timeline.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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