Byron Street, London

Byron Street, London

About the project

A derelict community centre is being replaced with a new state of the art residential block in East London. When completed, there will be 65 brand new homes.

Sector: Residential
Contractor: Aitch Group
Sub-contractor: ASL Drylining Contracts

Practical Considerations

Contractors sought a sheathing board solution with an A1 rating and easy installation. Klasse G-board perfectly matched their needs. Renowned for its lightweight properties and rigorous testing, G-board effortlessly met all their requirements, offering a premium solution for their project.

Why Klasse?

By offering a user-friendly and lightweight solution, the project can proceed smoothly without delays. G-board can be easily scored and snapped, eliminating the need for power tools. It withstands weather and installation damage and comes with a standard 12-month exposure guarantee.

Furthermore, Klasse ensures on-time delivery and provides continuous support throughout the purchasing process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for contractors. Their commitment to excellence ensures precision in every step of the project, from procurement to installation. With Klasse's support, contractors can confidently depend on a reliable partner for their project needs.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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