Olympic House, Lincoln

Olympic House, Lincoln

Olympic House is a state-of-the-art office facility in Lincoln, with multiple lets and facilities inside. As part of a renovation project, the building's HVAC ductwork has has its insulation replaced. Contractors East Yorkshire Insulation chose KlasseCLAD to give the ductwork a long lasting and attractive finish.

KlasseCLAD is our impermeable vapour barrier, crafted to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish with great durability. KlasseCLAD excels in resisting not only vapour but also UV light, mould, weathering, and harsh conditions.

For this project, the contractors used our grey KlasseCLAD, but it is available in four attractive colours to complement any building style: White, Black, Silver, and Grey.

By working with Klasse, the contractors not only received quality KlasseCLAD jacketing but also benefited from a personal and proactive purchasing experience. We are dedicated to offering expert guidance and advice to all our customers, ensuring timely delivery to prevent any unnecessary project delays.

If you're looking for a reliable foil barrier jacketing solution, for a commercial ductwork or piping project, contact us today with your requirements:

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