York Street, Belfast

York Street, Belfast

About the project

New student accommodation is currently under construction in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with Klasse G-board being used as the external sheathing board across the whole building.

Sector: Education
Contractor: Turkington
Sub-Contractor: Oakleaf Contracts
Distributor: Tennants

Practical Considerations

In their pursuit of a sheathing board solution with an A1 rating and straightforward installation process, the contractors discovered the ideal solution in Klasse G-board. It can be cut without the need for power tools, making it incredibly easy to shape to size and it's lightweight too, so it can be carried and moved around the site with ease.

Renowned for its rigorous testing and lightweight characteristics, G-board seamlessly met all requirements. Its A1 rating guarantees fire resistance and safety for this student block.

Why Klasse?

Klasse offered a solution that emphasised user-friendliness and safety. Klasse G-board, with its high resilience against weather elements and potential installation damage, enhances durability, is further supported by a 12-month exposure guarantee as standard.

Beyond these product attributes, Klasse steadfastly maintains a dedication to prompt delivery and comprehensive support throughout the entirety of the buying and delivery process.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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