242 Marylebone Road, London

242 Marylebone Road, London

About the project

242 Marylebone Road, also known as Woolworth House is undergoing an uplift, complete with new recladding. The project utilises Klasse S-board as the external sheathing board.

Sector: Commercial
Contractor: General Projects
Sub-contractor: Putney & Wood
Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Practical Considerations

Putney & Wood contractors required sheathing boards for their recladding project. The boards needed to possess fire resistance and durability.

Klasse presented a solution, designating our S-board as the top choice. This preference stems from our thorough fire testing, as the S-board boasts an A1 rating and is fully non-combustible.

Why Klasse?

For this project, the materials required had to prioritise safety and durability, making S-board an ideal choice. With its A1 fire rating, non-combustible certification, the S-board not only met but exceeded standards specified by the client, it also boasts impressive acoustic qualities too, where it has been tested to ISO 10140-3.

Klasse ensured timely and hassle-free delivery, mitigating any construction delays and facilitating the seamless progress of the project.

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