Roxwell Road, Barking

Roxwell Road, Barking

About the project

A new residential development is being constructed on Roxwell Road in Barking. Overall the development will consist of 87 new homes, including 80 flats.

The chosen external sheathing board for this project is the Klasse G-board.

Sector: Residential
Contractor: Jerram Falkus
Sub-Contractor: RJB interiors
Architect: Baily Garner LLP

Practical Considerations

In search of a sheathing board solution with an A1 rating and easy installation, the contractors found the perfect match in Klasse G-board.

Our G-board, meticulously tested and known for its lightweight properties, effortlessly met all the necessary criteria.

Why Klasse?

Providing a user-friendly and lightweight solution, the project can proceed seamlessly without any delays. G-board can be easily scored and snapped, eliminating the need for power tools. It possesses resilience against weather and installation damage, coupled with a standard 12-month exposure guarantee.

Klasse consistently delivers on time and offers continuous support throughout the entire purchasing process, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient delivery experience for the contractors.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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