Kentish Town, Camden

Kentish Town, Camden

About the project

A new residential development project is currently in progress in Kentish Town, Camden, featuring a multitude of contemporary flats equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. The construction includes Klasse C-board as the external sheathing board used throughout.

Sector: Residential
Contractor: GM Developments
Sub-contractor: Kona Interiors
Architect: AHR

Practical Considerations

Looking for a sheathing board with unmatched durability, excellent weather resistance, and high racking strength, the contractors turned to Klasse. Our solution, the fibre cement C-board, emerged as the perfect fit for the project, meeting and exceeding all specified requirements with its exceptional performance and reliability.

Why Klasse?

The project required materials that were durable and robust, making C-board an ideal choice. C-board possesses A1 fire-rated certification, is fully non-combustible, and its high density, minimising wind and installation damage. Additionally, it meets the required acoustic benchmarks set by the client.

Klasse successfully delivered the materials on time and without any complications, effectively preventing construction delays and ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

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