S-board - A high performance calcium silicate sheathing board

S-board - A high performance calcium silicate sheathing board

Klasse S-board is a calcium silicate sheathing board, perfect for projects that are requiring a A1 rated, non-combustible board. In this product insight, we'll look at how S-board is the premium choice for external sheathing and is a particularly good choice for lift shaft and stairwell protection applications.

Fire Resistant

Euroclass A1, fully non-combustible and suitable for structures over 18m, S-board has been designed to achieve up to 240 mins fire protection.

Klasse believes in superior fire safety as standard, with S-board thoroughly tested to be reliable and safe for your project.

Durable & Tough

S-board has been developed to be durable, made to withstand all weather conditions, including extreme climates. It has a hydrophobic external coating to help repel rain and water, keeping it durable enough to be exposed for 12 months. 

S-board is auto-claved, providing high dimensional and chemical stability, for even greater toughness.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Curved surfaces are no problem for S-board, available in varying thicknesses,  the 6mm thick board can be flexed around a curved surface (minimum radius-600mm). S-board is also easy to use and install, and can be precut for fire protection strips. 

Being able to be precut means that S-board can fill smaller gaps on your construction.

S-board ultimately provides impressive passive fire protection, is durable for any project and is easy to use, making it a fantastic choice for your next project, To see for yourselves, please request a sample today here.

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