Klasse’s New External Sheathing Board Flies Through Stringent BBA Testing.

Klasse’s New External Sheathing Board Flies Through Stringent BBA Testing.

Klasse’s brand new external sheathing board has recently been subject to stringent British Board of Agrément (BBA) testing, we are now very pleased to announce that we have been awarded our BBA Certificate, Number 22/6085 for the Klasse External Sheathing Board.

The biggest challenge when looking to specify materials for a construction project is ensuring that the product selected has been tested, assessed, and certified as suitable for use within the project framework. BBA Certification proves our sheathing board not only meets industry standards and is accepted and covered by NHBC warranties but that it has also undergone independent third-party testing.


External sheathing boards are a new addition to the Klasse product range; We understand how challenging cement boards can be. As an alternative, G-board offers a lighter gypsum board ensuring faster installation and a safer working environment. Designed to transform the building envelope construction, G-board’s bright green appearance makes it stand out on site and its high-density design allows for easy handling, cutting and installation minimising the use of power tools and making a safer working environment for installers. A recent testimonial provided by an installer on a project in Bournemouth confirmed that our customers agree:

This product, in my opinion, is far superior to any cement particle board I’ve used before in all aspects, so much easier to work with in terms of the cutting, fixing, lifting etc. I also LOVE the colour!” CSW Cladding Ltd.


Construction projects require robust external sheathing boards, G-board has a higher density to mitigate fire, wind, and installation damage to ensure you deliver a safe and on-time project. Our external sheathing board has been extensively tested throughout its development and has been rated Euroclass A1, fully non-combustible, and suitable for structures over 18m. G-board also boasts impressive Through Wall System testing results, meeting 90 minutes in both directions, under test standard BS EN 1364-1:2015.


Klasse understands the requirement for excellent service and product reliability, and as a trusted supplier we provide fast quotes and rapid delivery from our UK warehouse. “Klasse has invested in creating accountability and mitigating risk for all its products, this BBA certification allows us to offer peace of mind to projects that we supply” Glenn Haughton, Managing Director. We hold a large quantity of stock in our UK warehouse and our clients receive their external sheathing boards within days of placing their order, minimising supply chain delays, and keeping projects on track.

"Klasse Sheathing Board is the complete solution. A high-performance, A1 Fire Rated sheathing board, now BBA approved, consists of a fibreglass mat with a gypsum core and is designed to provide a high degree of protection from the elements in external cladding constructions. Widely recognised by the vibrant green colour, And now available in the UK exclusively from Klasse Group." Gavin Haughton, Business Development

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