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KlasseMELT® IG200 is a single-part butyl rubber-based solvent-free hot melt sealant that has been specifically formulated for the manufacture of insulated glass units. KlasseMELT® IG200 sets very fast, allowing easy handling and fast production of units.


  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium and glass

  • Very low moisture vapour transmission rate (MVT)

  • Excellent UV resistance

  • Easy melting, good flow, fast setting

  • Low smoking and odour

  • 6.5kg block


This product can be applied by using any standard hot melt extrusion machine. 

Please note: The application temperature of the sealant is very important for achieving adhesion and it must be regularly verified by using a digital thermometer and probe. (The temperature must be measured at the gun nozzle while gunning the sealant)

Also important is the extrusion/application speed. Care must be taken that the pressure applied during the application is enough that the sealant fills the sealing gap down to the spacer bar and leaves no air pockets. 

Care should be taken on sealing each corner and the sealant should be pressed together whilst still molten by means of a silicone rubber pad. 

If you have any questions about the application of KlasseMELT®, please contact us. 

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