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Klasse WrapTec® is a new material for cladding insulated HVAC systems. It is self-sealing, completely watertight and therefore prevents corrosion (CUI). 

Klasse WrapTec® is an ideal replacement for metal cladding and its use can significantly reduce the labour cost related to the cladding. The metal cladding systems for HVAC systems – which are commonly used across Europe in particular – are never completely watertight.

This means that condensation is able to form beneath the insulation, thereby causing corrosion (corrosion under insulation or CUI for short). In contrast, Klasse WrapTec® is 100% watertight material. It is made of polyisobutylene (PIB) and self-welds at the overlaps during installation. In this manner, Klasse WrapTec® prevents condensation and corrosion, of HVAC systems that are installed outside.

High installation efficiency – reducing labour costs

As a result of the simple, fast and safe method of installation, Klasse WrapTec® facilitates a reduction in the labour of up to 50 percent in comparison with conventional PIB and metal cladding solutions. Klasse WrapTec® requires no welding agent.

The unique self-sealing of the overlaps ensures a watertight connection and reduces labour costs for sealing the seams. For self-sealing, an overlap of just 20 mm is sufficient. The material is highly flexible and can be stretched in all directions up to 50 percent. Insulation can be wrapped with little effort – whether pipes, bends or T-junctions. Even projects with many curves can be easily and quickly wrapped using Klasse WrapTec®.

No special tools are required for installation – standard scissors or carpet knife is all that is needed. Klasse WrapTec® clings – but does not stick. This allows the positioning of the product to be easily corrected at the time of installation. No hazardous substances are required for laying Klasse WrapTec®, which means that the installer’s job is not only safer – but he is not exposed to solvents either.

Long service life – durability

Klasse WrapTec® is resistant to UV radiation and the effects of weather. No problems caused by birds pecking the material have been reported. It can be easily repaired in the unlikely event of damage – a damaged area can be easily sealed using an additional piece of Klasse WrapTec®. Klasse WrapTec® can be installed at ambient temperatures of +5 to +40°C and is resistant during use to temperatures of between -40 and +100°C.

Available in Grey and Anthracite. Each roll is 10m long.

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