Klasse G-board Sheathing Board Fasteners

Klasse G-board screws are self-drilling and made from durable carbon steel, ensuring they can withstand the demands of any construction project. The double countersunk nib head style is a unique feature that enhances the screw's holding power, ensuring a secure and robust connection between materials.

Standard Fixings:

  • KWHX32  |  4.2 x 32mm
  • KWHX42  |  4.2 x 42mm

Please note, Stainless Steel fasteners are required when installation is within 1000m of a salt water body.


  • For mechanically fixing to light metal purlins and rails.

Key Features

  • Self-drilling point suitable for use in timber and 0.5mm – 2.5mm drywall track
  • Coarse thread for rapid advancement in base material
  • Excellent pull-out and shear performance
  • 500hr coating for high performing corrosion resistance
  • Box of 200 screws

Please contact us for further technical information on our fastener range.

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