Klasse Airtight Tape

Klasse Airtight tape is ideally suited for sealing joints on sheathing board projects.  The high-performance adhesive system ensures high-tack values and adheres well to the surfaces of solid construction materials and also low-energy surfaces, such as PE film. The elastic LDPE-film carrier ensures optimum sealing on various surfaces and overlaps.


  • Klasse Airtight Tape is a sealing and bonding tape suitable for sealing joints on external sheathing boards.
  • The unique adhesive properties make Klasse Airtight Tape suitable for bonding and covering overlaps for various surfaces, including gypsum, cement, plywood, chipboard, and flexible vapor barrier material.
  • The product meets the strict requirements of EnEV (DIN 4108-11), regarding the permanent airtight sealing of vapour barrier sheeting.


Available in any width. Standard width 60mm x 25m

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