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KlasseCLOTH S10 Single Sided Tape

Stock widths (mm) 25, 30, 38, 43, 48

KlasseFOIL Single Sided Tape

Stock widths (mm) 50, 75, 100
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KlasseMELT IG100

Hot melt sealant
KlasseCLAD All-Rolls.jpg


Self-adhesive, lightweight & flexible
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KlasseCLAD™ Heavy Grade

10-ply for high puncture and tear resistance
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KlasseCLAD™ Jointing Tape

3-ply available in any width
KlasseTAPE PVC Barrier Tape_web.jpg

KlasseTAPE™ PVC Barrier Tape

Black, available in any width

KlasseFOAM F10 Double Sided Tape

Any width available.
Klasse X10T VHB Clear_web.jpg

KlasseTAPE Double Sided

Very High Bond Tape

Any width available.
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KlassePACK Aquapackers

Available in 4 packing heights.
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KlasseID Identification Labels

HVAC duct markers, pipe markers, and directional flow arrows