University of Surrey, Guildford

University of Surrey, Guildford

The University of Surrey has over 300 buildings ranging from 1960’s buildings with poor thermal performance to modern state of the art halls of residence that achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’. 

This ductwork project on The University of Surrey campus was conducted with Grey KlasseCLAD

KlasseCLAD provides an attractive aesthetic finish to any ductwork.  Designed to provide zero permeability and act as a vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, KlasseCLAD offers superior resistance to weathering, mould, UV and extreme environmental conditions.

​Klasse takes pride in the testing of products to the official BS476 parts 6 & 7, Class ‘0’ standard, which ensures that the KlasseCLAD is Fire Retardant in extreme situations.  In addition to these tests, KlasseCLAD is also Fire Rated to Class A2 (Tested to EN13501-1:2018 on the external face) and is UV resistant, tested to BS EN ISO 4892-2:2013 (Accelerated Weathering Performance).


  • Fire Rated to Class A2

  • Strong acrylic adhesive to ensure longevity and durability

  • Easy to cut and install without the need for special tools

  • Lightweight and flexible for challenging surfaces

  • No additional fixings required

  • Available in 5 styles:  Black, White, Silver, Silver Embossed and Grey

If you're looking for a reliable foil barrier jacketing solution, for a commercial ductwork or piping project, contact us today with your requirements:

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