Trident Point, Harrow

Trident Point, Harrow

About the project

This residential block in Harrow, London is replacing it’s cladding as part of a building refurbishment, due in part due to inspections made after the Grenfell disaster.

Klasse G-board and C-board have both been utilised on this project due to their A1 fire-rated, fully non-combustible classification.

Sector: Residential
Contractor: Vascroft
Sub-contractor: Teampol

Practical Considerations

Contractors Vascroft needed sheathing boards that provided fire safety and strong durability, but they also needed to render certain parts of the building.

Klasse offered a solution, with our cement C-board being the preferred choice to render on, whilst G-board was used in other areas, both offering the practical safety, durability and ease-of-use that was required for the project.

Why Klasse?

The materials used in this project needed to be durable and robust. Which is why G-board and C-board were a great fit. With the aforementioned A1 fire-rated, fully non-combustible feature as well as being high enough density to also mitigate wind and installation damage, both of these boards helped renovate Trident Point.

Klasse G-board is easy to handle and to cut, making work easier and safer for installers. Klasse C-board is high density and high impact resistant, making it the ideal choice when racking strength is required.

  • The board ticks all the boxes as per the requirements and it is easier to install. Usually the big issue on construction sites is dust and noise control and the fact that the sheathing board can be easily cut with just a knife makes it a huge advantage. They are lighter so the installers are satisfied as well. G board ticks all the boxes for us for both Health and Safety and cost efficiency with easier installation.

    Tomasz Talaska, Director, Teampol Ltd

Project Progress

Work on the project commenced in 2022.

Project Progress

Klasse G-Board and C-Board were brought in and installed shortly after the project started.

Project Progress

Renovations are still ongoing, but the new design looks great and is most importantly, safer for it's residents.

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