Nelson Street, Belfast

Nelson Street, Belfast

About the Project

Belfast City council approved the development of a new purpose built student accommodation block, with 774 new rooms.

When completed it will be the largest student building in Belfast.

Sector: Residential
Architect: Fletcher Joseph Associates
Main Contractor: Graham Group
Sub-Contractor: CCL Interiors Ltd

Why Klasse?

Klasse G-board is easy to handle and to cut, making work easier and safer for installers, making it an ideal choice for a building such as this.

Klasse G-board has also been extensively tested and boasts over 90 minutes of fire resistance in the BS EN1364-1 tests and is suitable for structures over 18 metres in a through-wall system.

Klasse has worked closely with the project contractors to supply the G-Board for the task, supplying fast and efficiently to help them move forward on the project quicker.

Project Progress

Work on the student accommodation still continues as of March 2023, with our bright green G-Board in full view.

And whilst the project is ongoing, there is no need to worry about G-Board in classic British weather either, it's high density, high durability means it can withstand and mitigate wind and even installation damage. Building work is expected to continue into Summer 2023.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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