Maxim Office Park, Scotland

Maxim Office Park, Scotland

Maximise your building with KlasseCLAD.

Maxim Office Park in Scotland is an exciting and modern business park development unlike any other. More than just a place to work, Maxim’s contemporary office buildings provide flexible space to meet any business needs.

Recommended by employers and employees alike, Maxim truly is the perfect place to work.

Situated next to Scotland’s M8 motorway, Maxim has direct routes to all major travel centres in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. It also sits at the heart of the largest talent recruitment pool in Scotland, with over 3.4 million prospective employees within an hours commute. Find out more about the development here.

Klasse are pleased to announce our involvement with this scheme, supplying KlasseCLAD™ products for the new buildings. KlasseCLAD™ is a peel off and self-adhesive design requiring no additional mastics or adhesives to create a seal. 

If you're looking for a reliable foil barrier jacketing solution, for a commercial ductwork or piping project, contact us today with your requirements:

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