Manor Hospital, Walsall

Manor Hospital, Walsall

A £5.6m project to create a new Obstetric Theatre and expand the Neonatal Unit at Walsall Manor Hospital is well underway.

Theatre construction works saw all foundations completed with the structural steel for the floor slab installed. Phase one of the internal refurbishment of the existing Neonatal Unit has finished and construction – phase two of the project – has been underway since Feb 2019.
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Russell Caldicott, Executive Director for Finance and Performance, said: “We’ve recently opened our new Intensive Care Unit and work started on this important addition to our maternity services last summer. This is another important investment in healthcare services for local women as well as an investment in our clinical and midwifery staff whose skills and expertise we want to retain in Walsall.”

The expansion will create a second dedicated maternity theatre so there is sufficient capacity for the births being delivered and the increase of cots in the Neonatal Unit will support maternity services into the future.
Work is expected to be completed in autumn this year.

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