Heathside School, Walton-on-Thames

Heathside School, Walton-on-Thames

About the Project

This brand-new, state of the art school will be part of the ElmWey Learning Trust. The Trust submitted the bid to open the Free School in the spring of 2016 and the Government announced the approval of the bid in the summer of 2016.

The whole school will be contained within a single building and set across three floors, The design promotes permeability, with routes and views through the building to the spaces beyond.

Design considerations

The material selection for this project had several considerations, performance, durability, and life cycle requirements being top of the agenda. All the materials selected were selected to be both visually appealing and robust in use, but also sensitive to the surrounding environment within which the building is located.

Designers selected brick, metal standing seam and panelised cladding, curtain walling for the external façade and a wildflower meadow and sedum roofing for the roof areas to encourage biodiversity

Great Progress

Progress on site was rapid and by April 2022, there were exciting scenes as the steel frames for the main teaching block were erected and the school really began to take shape.


Why G-board?

Klasse G-boards were the stand-out choice for this project, its design is robust and durable – which works hand in hand with the requirements specified at the start of the design process.

Designed to transform the building envelope construction, Klasse G-board's bright green appearance makes it stand out on-site and its high-density design allows for easy handling, cutting and installation minimising the use of power tools and making a safer working environment for installers.

G-board’s high density mitigates fire, wind, and installation damage, it boasts impressive pull-through strength and high-impact resistance and is extensively tested in a through wall system to achieve 90mins fire protection (BS EN 1364-1) and its Euroclass A1 rating ensures G-board is fully non-combustible and suitable for structures over 18m.

Explore G-board

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Our Visit to Site

In August we were lucky enough to take a walk around the site to see the project in its full Klasse glory and we were thrilled to hear that the G-boards had exceeded expectations in their ease of installation.

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We Make It Easy

Klasse understands the requirement for excellent service and product reliability, and we take great pride in proving to our customers that it is easy to do business with us. This project is no different, as a trusted supplier we provided a fast quote and offered rapid delivery from our UK warehouse.

Safe & Easy to Use

The bright green appearance of the G-board really makes this project stand out, designed to transform the building envelope construction, and its high-density design allows for easy handling, cutting and installation whilst minimising the use of power tools and resulting dust, making a safer working environment for installers.

A Trusted Brand

Our knowledgeable and friendly experts have worked closely with project managers to ensure that the G-board will surpass their expectations – not only in price and performance but with ease of installation.

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