School Expansion Project, Bournemouth

School Expansion Project, Bournemouth

Bournemouth construction site is going GREEN with Klasse External Sheathing Board!

About the project

Bournemouth School was established in 1901 and continues its distinguished record of providing a high quality of education for all its students and achieving consistent academic excellence. In 2018 the school was awarded a grant of £3.9 million from the Government’s ‘Selective Schools Expansion Fund’ (SSEF) to enable it to accommodate increased student numbers, through the provision of additional classrooms, and new enlarged dining facilities, and additional toilets.

Headmaster, Dr Dorian Lewis, commented:

I am delighted with the news – the funding secured represents the most significant capital investment in Bournemouth School for decades. Our students deserve to be educated in a modern, fit-for-purpose environment, and the work that we will now be able to undertake will be the first phase of securing this for them…”

Fast forward to 2020, when the project was in the planning consultation stage and the school released the first artist’s impression images of the impressive three-storey building.

A modern design with a purpose-built steel frame corridor connecting it to the existing building. In line with the school’s sustainability approach, the building design was developed with a fabric and form first approach by architects Kendall Kingscott.

Construction begins soon after and this is where Klasse comes into the project. Klasse External Sheathing Board has been specified for use on the project, bringing a green burst of life into the construction site!

The ground floor was the first to see the addition of our boards. G-board’s bright green appearance makes it stand out on site and its high-density design allows for easy handling, cutting and installation minimising the use of power tools and making a safer working environment for installers.

A design that was highly recommended recently by one of the installers on the site of the Bournemouth School Project:

This product, in my opinion, is far superior to any cement particle board I’ve used before in all aspects, so much easier to work with in terms of the cutting, fixing, lifting etc. I also LOVE the colour!

Safe & Easy to Use

The bright green appearance of the G-board really makes this project stand out, designed to transform the building envelope construction, and its high-density design allows for easy handling, cutting and installation whilst minimising the use of power tools and resulting dust, making a safer working environment for installers.

We Make It Easy

Klasse understands the requirement for excellent service and product reliability, and we take great pride in proving to our customers that it is easy to do business with us. This project is no different, as a trusted supplier we provided a fast quote and offered rapid delivery from our UK warehouse.

A Trusted Brand

Our knowledgeable and friendly experts have worked closely with project managers to ensure that the G-board will surpass their expectations – not only in price and performance but with ease of installation.

If you're looking for a reliable supplier for an external sheathing solution, contact us today with your project requirements:

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