Red Nose Day Scavenger Hunt for Comic Relief

Red Nose Day Scavenger Hunt for Comic Relief

Klasse hosted the first charity event of the year, and the whole team got involved! We all gathered to take part in a Red Nose scavenger hunt, raising money for Comic Relief, who, with their iconic red noses, support incredible projects and organisations that are making a difference for people across the UK and around the world.

The team split into 2 groups, and were given 10 cryptic clues per team. The answers to these clues led them on a wild chase around the office and carpark, with each correct answer leading them to a coveted red nose that had been hidden.

Both groups put their thinking caps on to solve the clues and gather all the noses, with them being found everywhere from behind TV screens to people's car windshields!

In the end, all the noses were found and a chocolate-y prize was uncovered too!

We were pleased to raise £200 for Comic Relief - if you'd like more information on Comic Relief, visit their website here.