A new CPD from Klasse is now available to book

A new CPD from Klasse is now available to book

Klasse are proud to launch a new CPD seminar with a focus on through wall systems. Launched at the RIBA CPD Expo in London in June 2024, this engaging seminar is now available to book alongside our other CPDs.

The CPD, titled, Specifying Compliant Through Wall Systems Used With External Facades covers RIBA Core Curriculum sections (10) Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance and (04) Design, construction and technology.

Knowledge level:
General Awareness

Approved by RIBA

There are multiple choices when it comes to the selection of products used in external walls. This CPD will guide you through the impacts those choices can have on your project and will assist you in meeting the performance and compliance challenges facing the modern built environment.

Behind the Facade

This CPD aims to delve into the products and systems that lie behind the rainscreen facade of buildings and to identify the elements that need to be considered when creating buildings that are safe, healthy, energy-efficient, and sustainable.

We examine common high efficiency rainscreen facade systems with a specific focus on the ‘Through Wall’ that sits behind the external façade. We explore the choices that can influence the system’s design and its thermal, fire safety, and acoustic performance.

What is a RIBA CPD?

RIBA CPD is a network that consists of over 500 manufacturers and suppliers, training companies and advisory organisations, who provide RIBA-approved CPD, to architects and other specifiers.

This CPD material is available in a wide choice of material types and formats including seminars, conferences, articles, websites, factory tours, courses, books, product literature, videos and blogs. Klasse offers a seminar that can be presented both in-person and online for your convenience.

RIBA-approved CPD material from members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network has been rigorously assessed by the RIBA and is worth double CPD points to RIBA Chartered Architects.

What are the benefits?

Firstly, all RIBA Chartered Architects must undertake a minimum of 35 hours per year of CPD, with 20 of them being from the RIBA Core Curriculum, of which this seminar is a part of.

By continuously developing your knowledge, learners can take these lessons and reflect on any insights, using new knowledge on current and future projects they may have.

This CPD and others can be requested using the form below, or you can book directly on the RIBA CPD website here. Our expert team will be in touch quickly, regardless of which way you request.

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