Where is Aluminium Foil Tape used within Construction?

Where is Aluminium Foil Tape used within Construction?

As a cornerstone in construction projects, aluminium foil tape can play an important part in several areas of construction and building, significantly augmenting performance, durability, and energy conservation. This blog takes a look at some of the areas this foil tape can be used and why it's ideal for the job.

With HVAC systems, aluminum foil tape plays an important role, ensuring a seamless finish. By sealing joints and seams in ductwork, it becomes vital in preventing air leakage. This translates to optimised air distribution, fostering efficient temperature control, and ultimately minimising energy waste.

Insulation; aluminium foil tape plays a part here too. Whether tightly wrapped around fiberglass or securely affixed to foam boards, the tape establishes an impermeable seal. This creates an important role over heat transfer, significantly amplifying energy efficiency, and maximising thermal performance. Moreover, it extends to vapour barriers too, bolstering the building envelopes' robustness by repelling moisture infiltration.

Radiant barriers excel when aluminum foil tape is used alongside them. By using the tape to seal the barriers, the thermal properties of the tape work in tandem with the radiant barrier to reflect heat away. Aluminum foil tape can also be used to seal pipes and windows, rectifying metal surface imperfections, and crafting reflective surfaces. It's the adhesive companion that ensures stable temperatures, eradicates drafts, and promptly addresses roofing or siding quandaries.

KlasseFOIL Aluminium Foil Tape

  • Excellent reflection of both heat and light

  • Good ageing resistance 

  • Strong adhesion and holding power

  • Excellent sealing and patching performance

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KlasseFOIL Aluminium foil tape excels in all of these areas, with a high tensile aluminium backing and a cold weather acrylic sensitive adhesive. It features excellent light and heat reflection, great ageing resistance and strong adhesive performance. For more information, why not contact our expert team today here.

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