Fire Protection Is Not A Pipe Dream, Klasse Ensure Fire Safety Comes First

Fire Protection Is Not A Pipe Dream, Klasse Ensure Fire Safety Comes First

One of the key questions that you need to ask when installing an insulation jacketing system is how fire retardant it is. The key metric to assess the fire resistance is the European Standard EN 13501-1 - Fire classification of construction products and building elements. To achieve the classification, it must go through five tough tests to gain its approval and rating. This rating is based on the external face of the application.

Research from Klasse Group shows that many suppliers are providing a product which is only B rated which means that it is still classed as combustible. The KlasseCLAD Insulation Jacketing System is successfully tested to the higher A2 standard which means it has very limited combustibility. This small difference in rating could make a great difference in the event of a fire.

The final two measures scored on fire testing relate to smoke emission during combustion and production of flaming droplets during combustion. KlasseCLAD™ comes out scoring top on both measures.

“The fact that our products adhere to such strong fire-retardant standards fills us with confidence that when installed on a building’s ducting, the occupants’ safety is top of mind” said Glenn Haughton, Sales Director Klasse Group Ltd “by providing a solution which has zero permeability, is easy to apply and will look great only enhances this safe and reliable solution."

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