Protect Viking Air is a new, premium type LR roof underlay with high air and vapour permeability, for use in warm and cold pitched roof constructions, helping to avoid the risk of harmful condensation without the need for additional ventilation as permitted by the NHBC for a cold roof construction. Designed with superior air permeability at 50 Pascals to BS EN 12114, the underlay also achieves wind uplift resistance to Zones 1-4* at 345mm batten gauge to BS 5534, ensuring wide coverage across the UK and throughout Ireland. These qualities make Protect Viking Air best in its class.


CE marked and independently BM TRADA certified, this UV and heat stabilised polymeric roof underlay incorporates a vapour and air permeable, melt-blown technology core that is hydrophobically treated. This ensures an uninterrupted airflow rate and delivers the required permeability to eliminate the need for roofspace ventilation. The NHBC accepts the use of a water vapour and air permeable underlay in cold roof construction without additional roofspace ventilation.


Protect Viking Air’s upper spunbond surface is hydrophobically treated to ensure water is repelled, ensuring a watertight and weather resistant roofing underlay, matched with a robustness to manage the wind load pressures on the roof. This provides a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain and dust ingress and means the product can be used to deliver temporary protection during the period the roof covering is applied.

Glidevale Protect Viking Air

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