Protect 5000 Façade is a high performance, hybrid non-woven vapour permeable membrane specifically designed for use in open cladding applications.


A tough non-woven PP spunbond incorporating a unique durable, high-purity blackened aluminium protective surface, which is bonded to the substrate. The black surface blends unobtrusively with the structure whilst providing excellent UV resistance. The surface is then microperforated and further protected by a

waterproof vapour permeable layer of non-woven PP spunbond carrier. Protect 5000 Façade has been subjected to artificial UV ageing for 5,000 hours in accordance with EN 13859-2 Flexible sheets for waterproofing - Underlays for walls. Each overlap is sealed for maximum weathertightness with integral sealing tapes on both edges.

Glidevale Protect Façade 5000