British Gas tower-blocks

Klasse products are being used within British Gas tower-blocks in the North East.

Klasse is supplying their KlasseMELT™ sealant for the production of the sealed units installed in this project.

KlasseMELT™ sealant has been specifically formulated for the manufacturing of insulated glass units, and has been selected for the British Gas tower-blocks.

KlasseMELT™ is the hot melt sealant of choice due to its ability to set rapidly which allows for easy handling and fast production of units. This product from Klasse ensures that manufacturers can reduce downtime and provides efficiency to companies.

British Gas is the biggest energy supplier in the country and is considered one of the Big Six dominating the gas and electricity market in the United Kingdom. Klasse are delighted to be working with a reputable, British brand.

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