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Heavy Grade

KlasseCLAD™ Heavy Grade Foil Barrier Jacketing is a

10 ply, zero permeability, all weather, multi-layered laminate coated with an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive. Superior resistance to weathering, fungi, UV and extreme environmental conditions. Designed for use as a vapour barrier in insulation cladding and jacketing applications.

The 10-ply Heavy Grade product is recommended for coastal areas & where pest damage is a challenge.


  • Superior adhesion in cold and hot conditions

  • Easy to cut and install without need of special tools

  • Strong adhesion and holding power

  • High puncture and tear resistance

  • Excellent sealing and patching performance

  • No additional fixings required

  • Available in 4 styles

Available sizes: 500mm x 35m rolls

Colours available: Silver, white and black

Finishes available:

  • Silver: smooth or embossed

  • White and Black: smooth


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