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KlasseCLAD™ provides an attractive aesthetic finish to any duct work.  Designed to provide zero permeability and act as a vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, KlasseCLAD™ offers superior resistance to weathering, mould, UV and extreme environmental conditions.

Klasse take pride in the testing of products to the official BS476 parts 6 & 7, Class ‘0’ standard, which ensures that the KlasseCLAD™ is Fire Retardant in extreme situations.


  • Strong acrylic adhesive to ensure longevity and durability

  • Easy to cut and install without need of special tools

  • Lightweight and flexible for challenging surfaces

  • No additional fixings required

  • Available in 4 styles

Available sizes: 500mm x 50m rolls

Colours available: Silver, white and black

Finishes available:

  • Silver: smooth or embossed

  • White and Black: smooth

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