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Klasse is a family-owned, British manufacturer of solutions for the construction industry. We provide next day delivery to hundreds of builders, specialist distributors and building merchants. Easy delivery to site or storage from our UK Warehouse can be arranged at short notice for a number of our products.


Our market-leading service and wealth of knowledge have resulted in strong growth year on year and Klasse is now regarded as a leading innovator in the Building Envelope, Glazing and Insulation markets across Europe.

We have worked hard in sourcing and developing solutions to protect the exterior of a building, bringing Outwear® into our product range, alongside the Glidevale protect membranes, in 2021 - with more building envelope products lined up to be launched in 2022.

Outwear® is a high-performance, external sheathing board designed to transform the building envelope construction. Constructed from a glass fibre mat and a gypsum-based core. Rated Euroclass A1, fully non-combustible and suitable for structures over 18m.

However, at Klasse, we are most well known for our unrivalled jacketing & weatherproofing systems, which we have worked on for many years to service the insulation market and meet multiple industry demands.

KlasseCLAD® has been a long-standing favourite of our customers and provides an attractive aesthetic finish to any ductwork project. Designed to provide zero permeability and act as a vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, KlasseCLAD™ offers superior resistance to weathering, mould, UV and extreme environmental conditions.

We take pride in the testing of products to the official BS476 parts 6 & 7, Class ‘0’ standard, which ensures that the KlasseCLAD® is Fire Retardant in extreme situations. In addition to these tests, KlasseCLAD® is also Fire Rated to Class A2 (Tested to EN13501-1:2018 on the external face) and is UV resistant, tested to BS EN ISO 4892-2:2013 (Accelerated Weathering Performance).

KlasseFOIL Aluminium Foil Tape consists of a nominal 30 micron (1.2 mil) high tensile strength aluminium foil backing, combined with a cold-weather acrylic sensitive adhesive and is protected by an easy-release silicone release paper. KlasseFOIL super performance, UL 723 FR grade 30μm foil tapes are ideal for sealing joints/seams against moisture and vapour on all types/brands of foil faced insulation. Also meets BS476 (Parts 6 & 7), Fire rating: Class 0.

From sealed units through to structural glazing, we have also been pioneering the use of adhesive tapes and hotmelt adhesives in the glazing industry, resulting in increased throughput and quicker delivery, installation, and occupancy. By eliminating the use of 2-part adhesives with our very high bond tapes, Klasse also provides high application speed cloth/duct tape and foil tape to cope with the hot melt glues and cold environments.​

KlasseMELT® IG100 is a single part butyl rubber-based solvent-free hot melt sealant that has been specifically formulated for the manufacture of insulated glass units. KlasseMELT® IG100 sets very fast, allowing easy handling and fast production of units.

KlasseCLOTH S10 high quality reinforced cloth duct tape is a tried and tested product that has been specially formulated for the specific requirements of the glazing industry. KlasseCLOTH offers a superior experience in application and finish, enhancing usability and durability. Primarily designed for sealing double-glazed units, this versatile tape can also be used for bundling, heavy carton packing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing, air-conditioning duct seams and other joint sealing.

Our Sales and Customer Support teams pride themselves on providing excellent service and are always available to assist you in your product requirements and will ensure your order experience is positive and as pain-free as possible. Reach out to the team using the form in our footer below. 

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